welcome to the lomo group


if you want some edgy, irreverent, unbeige work…we ride at midnight

Lorne Cardinal, BFA

the handsome gent on the left is an actor, director, executive producer +

exec producers | biz consulting

where Lorne + Monique use their creative superpowers

Monique Hurteau, MBA

the one on the right is a business consultant, artist, lapsed stand-up comedian +

“So, if you see this and wonder…yes, I just started in…”

…but we’ll be in full effect in no time…since every day feels like every other day nowadays.

So buckle up now or later or whatever seems most appropriate and safe.

Please keep washing your hands, physically distancing and getting vaccinated. Thanks.

This will be something exciting!

We will probably have an offer of sorts, here in this very spot. Until then, please sign up below for Lorne’s eNews!