Ch, ch, ch, ch changes

We’re transitioning from 3 mailing lists to 2.

2 mailing lists

We’ve got a couple of YouTube channels we’re doing foundational work on…Lorne’s is first up…and stuff you won’t see until later but we’ll share some of our journey a bit down the road like what’s worked and what DEFINITELY hasn’t.

2 YouTube channels

We’ll be putting together more on how to help the smooth-ness continue AND, perhaps more importantly, some important things to do when things go off the rails.

We’ve made a slight change or two to what you’ll see at in conjunction with the mailing list changes. The free 16 page design guide will be available for a little longer and then will be moving to my Monique Hurteau list and then going b-bye so nab it sooner than later.

Through + Thru where?

I’ll be transitioning the Through + Thru mailing list over to my Monique Hurteau list and sending from there until it goes poof. Curious about any of the tech we use? I’m currently using ConvertKit for email lists and this site is one of several WordPress sites we have.

Ok, over + out

Pop by one of our digital locations + let us know what would help you the most and we’ll see what we can wrangle up.